The Whimsical Olive Has Made A Comeback: A Long Overdue Explanation

You might have found it strange that this blog underwent a few changes: it became active again after an unexpectedly long hiatus. It had a name change and got some tweaks to the design. A mysterious person is writing this post. It's no secret: I've made a comeback.

I've always been a little sporadic with the posts. The reason why things are revving up again is because I finally feel inspired.  It feels like a long while back, but I started blogging in middle school when I was thirteen. Back then, books were the only place where I could find comfort through escapism because I was generally shy and reserved. Fictionally Obsessed was created because of how excessive my feelings towards books were and how necessary it felt to express those emotions which would have otherwise remained concealed. Through doing so, I discovered a wonderful community of people who felt the same way about books. So what was the reason behind the enigmatic dissapearance?